About Vondel

Craftmanship of Amsterdam.

Vondel is an Amsterdam-based brand that designs minimalistic watches with high quality materials, inspired by Amsterdam, for honest Dutch prices.

The watch

Vondel is distinguished by the meticulous workmanship and attention to detail. With its minimalistic appearance and thin timepiece of 5,8 millimeters, and with the use of extremely light metals, the watch feels like an extension of your wrist.

Inspired by Amsterdam

Amsterdam is graced by its simplicity and modesty, but also has a luxurious feel. These features can be recognised in the creations of Vondel.

Honest Dutch prices

Design should be affordable, and high profit margins are simply unethical.  For a high quality, reliable quartz movement, you shouldn’t have to pay more than necessary. By all means, no concessions have been made to the quality of the timepiece.


When you order before 4 pm, you will receive the watch the next day. The watch will be sent in a mailbox package, so you don’t have to stay home! Delivery outside the Netherlands is dependent on country specific delivery times.

You can always return your watch within 14 days. Before you return it, send an e-mail to info@vondelwatches.com and mention your order number.

You can adjust the buckle by clicking it loose with a thin knife. Because the buckle obviously needs to be very tight, you have to use slight strength for this. Please check out this video for a demonstration.

Should there be something wrong with the watch, you always have 2 years of warranty. For further details please read the Terms and conditions Send an email with your order number and a description of the problem to info@vondeldesign.com

The battery lasts about five years. By this time you will experience that your watch will be less accurate. For a few euros you can replace it at your local jeweler.You can do it yourself by using a flat knife to loosen the back of the watch case. However, this is not recommended because you’ll quickly scratch the case

Watches are never entirely waterproof, but ‘water-resistant’ to a certain degree. Vondel watches have a water-resistant level of 3 atm (30 M), which basically means ‘splash waterproof”. Because of the thin design and the use of lightweight materials your watch is not resistant against large volumes of water.

Of course, but the shipping costs will be payed by the buyer.

Time for a Vondel